On the Importance of Flowers

Something I will never ever tire off is having beautiful flowers at home and my collaboration with lovely Botany Shop has thought me just how easy it can be to make your very own bouquet. I buy fresh flowers at least once a week- it makes such a difference, especially this time of year when there is too much grey everywhere. 

I usually try and pick up flowers from Columbia Road flower market on Sundays. I love going there and the fact that it's less then ten minutes bike ride from our flat helps. I never really know what I'll find prior to going- the beauty of bargain hunting and being surprised is part of what I love about these little excursions.  

In terms of making bouquets I'm not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination, I just combine colours and textures that I like. Sometime the most simple looks the most stunning, a single stem or some eucalyptus always look amazing. Next I'm on the hunt for some Magnolia branches... watch this space!